Getty Center: Fridays Off The 405

Once a month the Getty Center plays host to an LA-tastic evening event. Not only are the regular galleries and exhibits open, there’s also dancing, drinking, and awesome DJs spinning.

In true LA style, the event pays ode to the gnarly traffic gridlock Angelenos deal with on a daily basis and bills itself ‘Fridays Off The 405’, meaning the attendees are enjoying themselves at the Getty instead of being stuck on the 405 freeway below.

Set atop a steep hillside, the Getty Center offers wedding proposal-inspiring views of the Pacific Ocean and Westside, particularly at sunset when a rose-and-orange- colored glow illuminates the darkening sky.

A futuristic white tram zips you up the hill from the parking area to the modernist Getty complex. This ain’t your typical LA museum. Designed by Richard Meier, the other-worldly buildings - made from 16,000 tons of light-reflecting, beige-colored travertine stone brought from Italy – are reason enough to come.

Organized around a central arrival courtyard, the Getty has unusual indoor/outdoor space that could only work in LA’s year-round sunny climate. The curving buildings are interspersed with jetting fountains, light-filled terraces, and creative gardens. A visit is almost like being transported to some idyllic Star Trek planet.

The LA-ness of the whole thing really comes through in people's dress styles. Quite simply, anything goes - artsy fartsy vintage, business casual, beach dresses with flip-flops. I even spotted a couple clad in 100% spandex and running shoes. So don't worry about any kind of dress code here.

The event goes from 6p to 9p, but no need to be fashionably late. The cost of parking is $8 per car (although the event is technically free) so carpool and pack in as many as you can to save money. The reason to arrive on the early side doesn’t become clear till it’s time to leave. Basically, it’s a case of ‘last one in, last one out’ and being last could mean you’re stuck in the underground parking for two hours.

Don't miss the next Friday Off The 405 on June 27, 2008 featuring DJ King Shade.

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Vicki Porter said...


We just linked to your excellent post about Fridays off the 405. You can see it at http:gettylens.wordpress.com


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The J. Paul Getty Trust

Amanda Mae said...

I just came across your blog today! I love it! I am always looking for things to do around L.A.

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Galina Tulchinsky said...

At the Getty Center and Getty Villa in Los Angeles, you can see some of the world's most important works of art for free. Parking costs $8, but the smart money gets there by bus or bike.www.getty.edu or 310-440-7300